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A well dressed woman, even though her purse is painfully empty, can conquer the world.

Louise Brooks

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    2018 CAMPAIGN



    Louise Brooks and the "20s" inspire the collection. Louise, a woman whose expressive and subversive freedom is a bit like the manifesto of those roaring years. The twenties, that mark the radical change in female beauty. The woman garçonne, so-called in the shape of her hair, which is cut short for the first time in history. Now women must have inexistent breasts and waist and narrow hips, dry bodies, androgenic traits. Louise is the icon par excellence, distinguished by independence, nonconformity, capricious fickleness, the slim figure almost as a boy. It is to her that Crepax is inspired in creating the legendary character of Valentina and it is to her that this collection is dedicated. Dresses, skirts and suits in the twenties mood in which the game of seduction plays a decisive role.

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